Partisan-class jumpmissiles are a unique weapon that has both offensive and defensive uses. Jumpmissiles are built on planets designated as Citadels at TL7 or higher and require hexacarbide and the light jumpdrive component (which must be supplied by a jumpship autofac planet). A single jumpmissile can destroy multiple weak ships like jumptransports, conversely, multiple jumpmissiles are needed to destroy capital ships.

Jumpmissiles may be manually fired at any fleet within 100 light years of the Citadel, even fleets in transit- this is the only way that a fleet may be attacked if it is not orbiting a planet. Jumpmissiles may not be fired from a planet that is outside the 250 LY control radius of a capital or sector capital.

Jumpmissiles are automatically fired against fleets invading planets within range of a Citadel. Jumpmissiles fired against fleets that are orbiting a planet, including invading fleets, may be intercepted by ships with missile protection. Jumpmissile attacks appear on the combat screen as a wave of large missiles that arrives from outside the edge of the screen.

Jumpmissiles are not a planetary defense structure and are not targeted by attacking ships performing the Destroy Ships and Defenses order. However, they will be targeted and destroyed by armed ships during planetary invasions. If not destroyed, they will be captured by the invader.